The Task

An online entertainment player wanted to develop a pipeline of future facing, resonant content for urban Indian youth. The task was to understand what their preoccupations, interests and tensions are and what kind of content they would relate to.


The client has launched one women centric YouTube channel and is in the process of creating 3 new shows based on the findings of this study

The demand for easy to consume, relevant content is only growing among young audiences and both traditional and non- traditional content creators have begun to venture into this. Each player has its own voice, style, themes of content and decided audience.

But specifically, the niche, higher SEC, urban youth that this producer wanted to target curates a cocktail of diverse and niche content informed by their global worldview (from Korean drama, to American sitcoms, European documentaries and Bollywood dramas, for example). They are an audience that has been underserviced by local content.

To crack this challenge, Plum employed mixed methods to get insights from different sources. Firstly, we met the cohort (as small groups of friends) to understand their life concerns and their point of view on the kinds of content that makes them tick. We also got their feedback on some show concepts in the pipeline.

We spoke to youth spokespersons of today, like stand–up comedians to understand ways and means in which they zone in on topics that resonate.

We then did a sweep of the activity of existing players and reviewed themes of content, style and genres.

We put all this together to build a predictive model that can be used to gauge the feasibility of new content before production.