A large delivery aggregator in the country wanted to expand into the space of quick commerce and create a unique proposition built on convenience and speed of service

The task 

The challenge required breaking the problem into its finer ingredients 

Phase 1:Understanding the category and its customer 

Uncovering ideal experiences in the quick commerce space by understanding the key touchpoints “Moments of truth” in the online and offline shoppers experience 

Phase 2: Deep diving into nuances of usage and cross usership differences

Decoding individual category listings and need states of consumers within the category to optimize services across various cohorts

Phase 3: Optimizing the product to attract new users, retain current users and gain share of basket from competitors  

Tracking performance of the platform against competitors and identifying cues to increase share of basket across various need states 

Our approach 

Plum used a mix of category scans and digital consumer immersions to fully immerse ourselves within the category 

  1. To start, Plum conducted digital deep dives with shoppers of competitor brands within the online grocery space including loyalists and lapsers of the client brand 
  2. Deep diving using digital ethnographies into the category consumer, their background, beliefs and shopping behaviours 
  3. Tracing growth of the overall platform across key touch points “moments of truth” and optimizing their go-to-market strategy  

Outcome and Results

Plum’s  3 phase strategic debriefs provided 

  1. A nuanced view of the online grocery consumer’s journey through various points of interaction (‘Moments of Truth’) and how competition brands service these moments. 
  2. A report on the nuances of specific category shopping, the consumer context and their resultant purchase behavior. 
  3. Evaluation of the products performance and directional cues to enhance quick commerce services and offerings aimed at driving retention among loyalists, trials among competition and new users and reducing lapsage 

Our debriefs across phases informed various communication, product and service strategies for the brand, including additional cues to drive loyalty and increase retention among current users. The brand today sustains itself as a market leader in the quick commerce space