The task 

In a category with pricing as volatile as gold, for our client it was essential to anticipate consumer trends and stay prepared for quickly shifting sentiments. For the course of a year,every quarter, Plum prepared a custom cultural intelligence report to help the brand harness trends to their advantage. 

The approach 

Conducted through the course of the pandemic and immediately after, we pieced together future facing trends using disparate signals of change. Some of this included expert interviews, reading pop culture, trawling through search trends, scanning influencer conversations as well as product releases across adjacent categories.

The outcome 

All this lead us to discover 

  • New behaviors, trends, patterns and needs emerging across categories 
  • Perspectives on spending, purchase behavior and festivities 
  • Exploring overall sentiments towards the future, new and unique orientations and aspirations 
  • Larger trends/themes that could become mainstream

These reports helped shape resonant brand communications, offers and purchase schemes, prepare the right sort of in-store experience for consumers coming back to shop post the pandemic among other things