We’ve observed through our research that there are huge differences in the way people across age groups have dealt with the lockdown. Clearly, a 25 year old has very different hopes, fears and dreams than a 55 year old.

What they prioritise or deprioritise depends on what’s important to them at that life stage. We’ve also seen that across age groups, people who have been highly social, extroverted and active have been forced to make changes to their lifestyle.

In this podcast, we have a candid dialogue with 3 social urban Indian busybodies of different age groups: Aparna Gupt (Boomer), Ira Jain (Millennial) and Mohit Puri (Gen-Z) to see how they’ve adapted in these times. Post the lockdown, it’s clear that we’ll be living in a very different world. While we try to imagine what this could be like and the shifts that could take place, the stories, attitudes and perspectives of these people give us useful clues.

How might social life change?

How do social events change?

What will stay the same? vs. What could change forever?

What does this mean for people at different stages of their lives?

We explore some of these themes in our podcast.