To understand the unique traits on the post-millenial generation, Plum conducted a year long research among the youth aged 16-24 yrs using insights from qualitative research and online data analytics

For a preview of the findings and a glimpse of our research launch event, watch the video below.

To listen in to the highlights of the expert panel discussion, tune into our podcast here

The full findings of the research are available to download

Inside you will find

- Who they are and how they differ from the Indian Millennials

- Their unique traits

- Ways in which brands might engage with them

- Tools to facilitate an ideation session to work with them

Some reviews

“Contains lots of useful context. It’s rich and full of inspiration”

“Beautifully laid out. Lot’s of A-ha moments through the book. Will keep diving back in for ideas from time to time”

Apart from the book, we have the following available upon request:


A summary of key action points

from the research

+ ways to engage with this cohort


A virtual presentation from Plum on

the research for your teams

+ a physical + digital copy of the report

+ 30 mins consulting time on how to

work with Gen-Z